01 Sport Trac Speed Control will light up on dash but will not engage the engine why?

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I have a 2001 Sport Trac that while I was driving with the cruise control on and working fine, just disengaged even though the light stayed on. Upon further inspection after stopping and shutting off the engine, I discovered that the cable that goes to the throttle had snapped off of the connecting point. It is located near the front of the enging just beneath the plastic cover. If you follow the cable and it has come loose you should be able to see where it snaps on. It was easy to put back on and has stayed on ever since. I believe Ford has a recall on part of the cruise control, so if you cannot get it put back on yourself, you might contact your local Ford dealer to see if yours is one of the recall units and they may be able to help you get it back on.
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How do you replace the instrument panel lights on a '01 Explorer Sport Trac?

The headlight switch instrument panel illumination bulb can be accessed / replaced without removing the dash (on an 01' & possibly other) Explorers, though it is a bit tricky.

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calibration undone calibrate center points of yaw rate and g sensors cleared codes notes Or try to unplug your battery, let it sit for a min, then plug it back on and see if