01 S10 V6 will only start by quickly cranking the engine Will not start when cranked continuously?

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it sounds like the timing
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Why would the engine crank over but not start?

Answer . \nI would say the car is not getting any fuel. you could try replacing the fuel filter which is cheap. It could also be the fuel pump which is probably in the tank.(try tapping the gas tank with a hammer lightly) If the car starts then it is probably the pump. The last thing i think it c (MORE)

Why does Starter keep cranking even after the engine starts I Replaced starter but still cranking?

Answer 1 . There are probably severable possible reasons, but I can only think of a few at the moment. Some of the reasons include:\n. \n1. Misalignment of the starter when installed, which allows the teeth on the starter gear to bind with the the teeth on the flywheel, thus preventing diseng (MORE)

Fuel pump replaced twice only way to start Chevy silverado 2000 v6 is unplugging battery for a few minutes then it cranks up whats the problem?

Answer . \nThere might be a sensor that is shorted or bad. Whenever you unplugged your battery you are resetting the car's computer data that are use for reference to run the car. When the computer is reset it start to relearn all the data from the sensor from the vehicle. The will run but at it (MORE)

Engine cranks but will not start?

The engine needs fuel, compression and spark to run. You are missing one of those. Year, make, model and engine size would help us help you.

What do you do when your car will crank but not start?

Cranks but won't start: In a situation like that I always tell people to go back to the basics: Spark, fuel and Compression. If you have all three, it should start. The spark has to be at the correct timing, but if the vehicle was running and suddenly stopped, there isn't much reason to believe that (MORE)

Why does 1998 mountaineer crank but will not start?

If a 1998 mountaineer crank will not start, check for faulty spark.This can be done by removing a spark plug wire or coil pack fromone of the spark plugs. Then insert an extra spark plug into thewire or coil.

Why will my car crank but not start?

There could be several reasons a car will crank but not start theengine. One reason for this issue could be the spark plugs are notfiring. The car may needs a tune up. A mechanic can fully diagnosethe issue concerning the engine not starting.

Why is the starting motor not cranking the engine?

I can give you COULD BE answers without actually seeing the engine.. COULD BE a bad starter. COULD BE a bad selenoind. COULD BE a bad starter drive. COULD BE a couple of teeth missing off the flywheel, not allowing the starter to engage.

Why does my 1997 GMT only start when you crank it for the second time?

It COULD be low initial fuel pressure. Test that hypotheisis by turning the key to "on" for a few seconds, then turn it off then start it. If it starts right up you are probably leaking down while the engine is off. It could be the fuel pressure regulator or the fuel pump. Either way, if that's what (MORE)

Engine cranks but will not start why?

An engine which cranks but will not start is not receiving enoughfuel or has no spark. A clogged fuel filter or bad spark plugsoften cause this problem.

Why does your riding lawnmower crank but does not start?

you need a new battery A Different Answer If the engine cranks, then the battery is not the problem. Inspect the spark plug and clean/replace and gap to specs. If the spark plug is okay and has a good "fat" spark, then the problem lies in the fuel system. The fuel filter may be clogged and no (MORE)

Why will my dodge ram van crank but won't start the engine?

It either has no fuel going into the cylinders (no pressure from fuel pump), no spark, or depending on it's age and if it sounds like it has some life in the motor, bad timing chain. I had a similar issue with my 1992 B250. After replacing hundreds of dollars worth of parts, I found the problem was (MORE)

Engine cranks over but does not start?

try pressing the fuel reset button located under the dash on the passenger side Lack of fuel or spark is the cause. You must determine which one is the problem and proceed from there.

Why will my Chevy 350 will crank but not start?

no gas. no spark. no compression. no timing. dump a cap full of gas down the carb and if it fires you have spark, meaning you have a fuel problem. if it doesnt fire, then you have a spark problem. try a new coil or distributor cap, clean or change the points, clean or change the plugs/wires.. (MORE)

How do you fix your engine it cranks but it wont start?

Gasoline engines need three things to run - air and fuel (in the proper proportion), and a spark (at the right time).. The first thing you must do is figure out which you are missing.. air - throttle linkage? valves not opening (cam and valvetrain)?. fuel - gas in the tank? fuel filter? fuel pump (MORE)

Why is Car cranking but won't start?

Could be a number of things but if it was starting O.K. one minute and then started acting up, Crankshaft sensor, down by the air conditioning compressor, Cam sensor, behind the power steering filler upper. Or also could be the fuel pump or fuel pump relay .

99 v6 grand am cranks but will not start theift light is on when cranking?

turn the key to the on position but do not crank the engine. Leave the key in that position until the light goes off or stops flashing(I cant remember which) it will take a few minutes. after this occurs turn the key off. this will reset the theft system which has most likely been activated. the veh (MORE)

When cranking engine turns over but no start?

What are the three elements needed in order to make an engine run. You need air, fuel and spark, minus one from this equation and you get nothing. So, with that said go through your check list for your electrical and fuel system.

2001 Yukon cranks but will not start?

cvheck the fuel pump.if that dont fix it check to see you have spark by touching the spark plug wire to the block if it has spark then that ain't it. otherwise take it to thne dealership and have them put in on a diaognosdtic machine if it has the check engine light on

Engine cranks but won't start on a 1994 Ford Escort?

\n. \nThere are a couple reasons that your escort will crank but not start. The first is that the engine is getting no fuel. This could be caused by the fuel pump failing or a block in the line. If you turn your key forward to the click right before it turns over, and the fuel pump is operating, (MORE)

2006 corolla engine cranks will not start fuel ok?

To test for fuel: . Ensure fuses are good . ensure there is fuel pressure via shreder valve with fuel pressure test gauge. . ensure injectors are getting pulse, with noid light . Has recent work been done?

Dodge colt cranks but does not start?

I had same problem. Take apart the distributor and there is a coil or component that looks like one of those portable batteries for hand tools. Its beneath the rotor assemble which all unscrews. Its towatd the bottom of distributor. I replaced coil package? if that was the correct name for $20.00 us (MORE)

Why does your miata crank but not start?

Any number of different reasons. Most likely the starter in the Miata needs to be replaced. Search on here for how to do it; I posted the instructions already, and it's very easy for one person to do. Please Re read question, if its cranking I assume the starter is functioning......

How do i fix a engine that keeps cranking and not starting?

there are many things that could be wrong, check all fuses and relays dealing with ignition and fuel, make sure fuel pump is turning on, remove a spark plug(keeping on the wire), ground it and crank and see if it sparks; beyond this you may need to have a professional take a look at it

1985 cavalier cranks but will not start?

There can be several things wrong. How many miles is on the car?? Most cases if a vehicle will not start but does crank over then ethier there is no spark or no fuel. You need to trouble shoot the problem so you will not end up replacing parts that you do not need. There is a simple test to eliminat (MORE)

1985 Chevy S10 cranks over just won't start?

The engine needs compression, fuel and spark to run. You are missing one of those, probably fuel. The fuel pump is probably the most common component to fail. Spray a little starting fluid into the engine air intake and try to start it. If you get a response the fuel pump is your culprit.

Engine will crank but won't start?

bmw 316i 1993 petrol car will crank but wont startthe wire is somewhere disconnected how do i findout where is the electric wire disconnected. ( the rats have chewed the wire from somewhere) . please help

1997 spedition crank but no start?

Assuming you are referring to an Expedition, your vehicle is turning over but will not start? It is possible for . there is no spark from the plugs . no fuel is getting to the spark plugs Is the car turning over or is there a click a few times? If you have a click, click, click, then ch (MORE)