01 Mustang GT no codes It only skips when the engine is at operating temperature and when car is cruising skipping is very sensitive to throttle add more or less it goes away plugs look great?

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Maybe TCC (Torque Converter Clutch) is failing. Just to verify if it is you could pull the TCC fuse and drive it to see if the problem goes away or not.
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Why would a new alternator die in a 1994 Mustang GT after less than a half hour of operation?

Answer . Recheck the wiring. If ok, the alternator can be defective.. Answer . defective poor quality reman...especially if from Auto Zone.. Advice . NEVER EVER EVER buy a remanufactured electrical part from Advance. Their new (not reman) store brand ones aren't much better. If Advance is (MORE)

Engine still skips on 1996 gmc truck already replaced spark plugs wires cap and rotor?

you never said fuel filter. or if service engine soon lite is on.try filter if problem persists check compression if ok possible pickup coil and or control module.mybe its my mistake but is ses lite on if not it still comes down to air fuel combustion. back to the gap of the spark plugs. are the wir (MORE)

Your 2002 jeep liberty has a skip to it the plugs where changed at 30000 miles it now has 48000 miles no engine light on any ideas?

\n. \n Minor Engine Miss \n. \nI would try adding some fuel injection cleaner with your next tank of gas. This has helped me with minor engine misses and/or hard starting conditions.\n. \n. \n. \n. \nHAVE THE COMBUSTION CHAMBER AND THE FUEL INJECTORS CLEANED.\n. \n. \nIt sounds like thi (MORE)

1985 Honda Accord lx. engine skips at times and temperature gage runs near H with sir on what can I do?

Answer . \nI do not know what you mean by "with sir on" I do know that you had better have this fixed and fast. These engines do not take well to overheating. Have your cooling system serviced. Drain and flush the cooling system, and refill with a 50/50 mix of the proper antifreeze and distilled (MORE)

Started pill before period and skipped then skipped sugar and skipped pdagain Now have period for a week and you are only 2 weeks into your pills when will it go away did you completely mess up your c?

Answer . Hi, . When you skip a sugar pill this does not effect your cycle. Skipping a active pill will effect your cycle. Skipping one active pill not only causes your period to arrive earlier but also puts you at risk of pregnancy. Skipping more than one active pill and the risk increases. See (MORE)

Is a Mustang GT a practical car?

This will vary greatly on the driver's use of the car.. If you simply want a car to tool around town in, with gas prices steadily rising, this may not be practical.. If you're like me and you live to have a high performance, good handling sports car, by all means, get a GT.. Mustangs in general a (MORE)

What is wrong with a 98 blazer when you replace plugs wires and rotary. Skips really bad and the check engine light although it is always on solid flashes when it starts to skip. What is it?

I'd start with the plug wires. You probably have two of them crossed causing the misfire. Turn the engine by hand (you may need help with a wrench but it isn't too bad. MAKE SURE THE KEYSWITCH IS OFF!!! If the engine still runs bad after you've checked that, run a computer diagnostic test. Borrow (MORE)

Why Mazda millenia skip sometimes after you have changed the plugs and wires?

Two things DONT USE Platinum or those multi point plugs. Millies run best on STD COPPER Denso or similar. I have had 3 mechanics tell me the same for this car. You may have caused a short in your wiring. These wire sets get brittle and when you change the plugs pulling them off and putting them ba (MORE)

How do you change the throttle position sensor on a 2005 mustang gt?

The APP sensor is located on the right side of the upper end of the accelerator pedal. Disconnect the negative battery cable . Remove the knee bolster . Disconnect the electrical connector from the APP sensor . Remove the APP sensor and pedal assembly mounting nuts and detach the assembly from t (MORE)

What if you skip an oil change on your car?

New oil contains additives and detergents that help protect your engine from abnormal wear, and helps to clean out contaminants. Skipping oil changes will shorten the life of your engine, at the very least. As the engine runs it naturally burns a little oil. Some more than others. For example the 3. (MORE)

40 hp Johnson skipping when you give it throttle?

a likely source of your problem might be overheating. my evinrude has what they call slow mode. when you are hot it goes into slow mode till it cools down. in slow mode i could not plane out and the motor shook side to side. check your impeller and or water pump housing for damage. do not run dry... (MORE)

Why does your car skip gears?

To get higher speeds, the second gear has a lower gear ratio as the first one, so youre speed raises with the same rpm. The same for the 3rd/4th/5th/6th gear.

Car skips while pressing on the gas?

Try putting fuel injector in the gas tank. Should be directions on the bottle but think you only need one per full tank of gas. Some of your spark plugs may not be working, go and see a mechanic soon, my car has had similar problems the mechanic said if we didn't go sooner the car was going to ru (MORE)

Why does your car skip when accelerating through a turn?

In front drive vehicles, this is do to over steering caused by the difference between the lengths of the drive shaft coming from the transmission. One side will always be longer than the other due to the way in which the transmission is connected to the wheels. Consequently the torque geometry is sl (MORE)

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I personally received the Depo Shot about a week and a half before my period was due and never got it. I've read that many women stop getting periods altogether. I guess it's a good thing but it can be scary especially if it's your first time using Depo.

Would needing spark plug wires make my dodge caravan's engine skip and cut off when i put it in reverse?

Answer 1 - Faulty Spark Plug Wires Although it's possible, more than likely not. If plug wires are faulty, then that condition should cause the same performance issues [skipping, cutting out, dieing, etc.] regardless of the transmission being in forward or reverse. Often, engine missing when in (MORE)

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Anything out of the ordinary with your heart you MUST consult a doctor. To answer your question... that feeling is usually caused by heart palpitations which can be caused from anything ranging from your thyroid gland to caffeine intake. Talk to a doctor and find out what is causing yours. Your lif (MORE)

How can you skip the piano on great pumpkin island?

You can't. You just look above and when the dots (notes) reach the box above a key, click on that key. As the colored dots come down into the sections of the bar, press the key directly under that spot just as the dot gets there and disappears . You will have to move quickly on some to click (MORE)

What could cause your car to skip?

A fouled spark plug, A bad spark plug wire, A burned valve, A bad fuel injector (if equipped), A bad distributor cap and/or rotor, A wet ignition system (drove through large puddle),

When you put your foot on the accelerator you lose power and engine coughs and skips and even when driving normally it does this but more of an issue under acceleration?

You didn't mention if carby or fuel injected. If carby probably your accelerator pump has an issue such as damaged piston boot or diaphragm and this is not squirting an initial amoubnt of extra fuel when the engine suddenly gulps extra air as you depress the accelerator pedal. If fuel injection it's (MORE)

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