01 Lincoln l s cooling fan is not coming on fluid ok?

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In Lincoln
check fan relay in fuse box under hood.
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Why would the cooling fans not come on in a 2000 Buick LeSabre?

Answer . I verified that the 2 coolant fans come on at low speed once coolant temp reaches 223/225 degrees I thought this was too high a temp so I checked with local Buick dealer. They claim 220-230 is still considered normal operating range. If you want to get cooling fans to come on earlier and (MORE)

Where is the cooling fan relay located on a 1991 Lincoln Continental with a 3.8 liter engine?

Answer . It will probably be located in a box on the left fender well (drivers side) in the engine compartment. The cover of the box should indicate which one it is.. Answer . \nThe relay you are looking for is the Multifunction relay just above the radiator. This relay also controls the EEC (MORE)

How do you change cooling fan 96 Lincoln Continental?

You have to go in through the bottom not the top. Dissassemble thefront undercarriage area, make sure to support the radiator (or itmay drop out of place - this can be done with wire or strong cord -simply tie the radiator supports so that they don't move). You maypossibly have to disconnect and dra (MORE)

Cooling fan relay part for a 01 jeep grand Cherokee larado?

Answer . check the coolant temp. sensor, this sends info to the computer to turn on the cooling fan.. Check for other answers for the cooling fan, I posed a answer on how to replace the fan relay with out removing the front facia and bumper

Why wont 1998 Chevy cavalier cooling fan come on?

Answer . Blown fuse, defective thermal relay, or defective fan motor. Check the fuse and if it is ok, and all wires are connected, apply 12 volts directly to the fan motor the see if it is ok. If so, replace the thermal relay.

Why does cooling fan not come on when car starts to get hot?

Check all fuses. Check the fan motor. Unplug it and connect wires from the battery directly to the motor. If it doesn't spin then it's broken. Check the cooling fan relay. Many relays have a wiring diagram printed on the side to make it easy to test. Check the temperature sensor. Compare vo (MORE)

Why would the cooling fan of a 1991 Capri not come on?

First of all, perhaps the temps are not getting hot enough for the fan to operate. Is the thermostat stuck open all the time? Does the heater work properly? Simple test to ensure proper operation of the coolant sending unit for the fan: turn the ign. key to the power on position...Not start, but jus (MORE)

Where is Cooling Fan Relay on a 1997 Lincoln Continental?

Open the hood, look straight down at the cross beam just behind thehood latch. There you will see an aluminum ribbed electrical partwith an 8 m.m. bolt and bracket. Remove the bolt, move the bracket, remove the black plastic cover,there you will find 2 relays, one black and one gray. The black oneo (MORE)

Lincoln LS cooling fan pump?

Correct! it's on the passenger side of the motor, just over the altenator. the fan's will hardly ever go bad. if you have cooling problems it's more than likely the pump or sensors.

Why don't my engine cooling fans come on in 1997 Honda?

Are you asking about BOTH fans? One fan is the cooling system fan, located on the passengers side of the radiator, and the other is strictly the A/C cooling fan, located on the drivers side (operates ONLY when the A/C is activated). First, check the fuses or relays controlling these fans - after tha (MORE)

Why does cooling fans not come on 2001 Chevy Malibu?

You may have bad temperature control sensor (next to thermostate where water enters the engine. Also near the air filter). If not that it is PCM module or fan control relays. Try disconnecting the connector from the temperature sensor, if fans come on the relays are OK.

How do you change a cooling fan on a 98 Lincoln continental?

You have to first remove screws on both sides of the fan. Then unplug the positive battery cable. Next remove wires that are attached to fans. you must remove from the bottoms. The bracket at the bottom must be removed and radiator hose. after that it will slide right out!

2004 Chevy venture cooling fan will not come on?

Hi, The cooling fans in these vans are controlled by the engine computer, which controls 3 different relays to turn the fans on at low and high speeds. There are also a couple of fuses that supply power to the fans. So you have a few things to look at. The relays and fuses are all located in t (MORE)

Crown vic cooling fan do not come on?

First check that the fan does work. Unplug at the fan and jump the wire to see if the fan works. If yes, then change the fan temp sensor or check the wiring to the sensor. If the fan does not come on when you jump the wire, then have the fan replaced.

Why would the cooling fans not come on in a 1993 ACCLAIM?

check temp sensor, it located where the thermostat is, or the fan relay (its in the black box under the hood with all the fuses in it). To check unplug the sensor, it's on the thermostat cover, if the fan turns on the relay is good. If it doesn't come on change the relay.

97 Oldsmobile aurora cooling fans wont go on and fans test OK and?

The Passenger side fan motor which is your secondary fan motor is timed to turn on at high speed at a certain temperature. Once it cools it will go back down to low setting. If your engine does not reach a hot enough temperature it will not go to high speed mode. Meaning you won't hear it turn on or (MORE)

I have a 99 Camaro rs and the cooling fans are not coming on?

if the fan motor is still good, find a mechanic that knows how to bypass the thermostat and run it to a switch on the dash, thats the cheapest option, and would take far too long to explain on here . Just had the same problem with my 99 camaro and it was an 8$ relay that is in the fuse box under the (MORE)

Why does your cooling fan come on when car is just sitting?

While your car is running the engine is heating up. While your driving you have air being forced over the radiator cooling it off. When you are sitting still you don't have that air so your engine is heating up even more so the cooling fan comes on to help cool you engine off. Via cooling the radiat (MORE)

Where is the cooling fan fluid resorvoir?

On a ( 2000 , 2001 , 2002 ) Lincoln LS : The engine cooling fan fluid reservoir is in the engine compartment, it is on the passenger side of the engine compartment . Fill it to the MAXline with MERCON automatic transmission fluid