01 Ford Escape with obd po430?

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Trouble code P0430 means: Catalyst System Efficiency Bank 2 Below Threshold
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Where is Ignition coil D on the V6 01' Ford Escape?

Answer . Each Cylinder has its own coil pack, located above and attachedto spark plugs. Remove engine cover to access front three. intakemanifold has to be removed to access

What does gm obd code PO430 mean?

It could be one of three thiings worst first. Cat. converter is bad $400 to $1000. Sensor or sensors are bad $40 to $150 each. Air leaking into exhaust when hot prior to conve
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Where is ignition coil b on the V6 01 ford escape?

if you take off your engine cover, there should be either 3 or 4 spark plugs coming out of the top of your engine. coil b should be located on the 2nd to the left spark plug.
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What does OBD-II code P0460 in a ford escape means?

It may be a bulliten issue. It is a problem with the fuel level sensor. The bulliten states: 18465 1997-2005 MULTIPLE VEHICLES - INTERMITTENT MIL ON WITH DTC P0460 - SERVICE
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Where is ignition coil f on the v6 01 Ford Escape?

The engine cylinder locations are numbered : firewall 1-----2-----3 4-----5-----6 front of Ford Escape , V6 , > driver so I assume it would be : firewall a-----b-----c