01 Dodge grand caravan Steering wheel wobbles up to 30 mph but over 30 wobble seems to go away?

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Have you tries having the wheels balance.
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Why would the steering wheel wobble?

Steering Wheel Wobble I'm no expert, however, you can check the following: brake pads could be uneven, the rotor might be damaged or worn uneven, a bent rim, an out-of-round tire, or you could be correct regarding the wheel alignment. Best of luck. Here are more opinions and answers from other cont (MORE)

What could be causing a wobble in the steering wheel when braking?

%DETAILS%. Answer . If disk brakes the rotor could be worn and either needs replaced or turned.(put on a lathe to put it back in true again)Other possibilities are worn wheel bearings or worn ball joints.\nBest to have a shop look at it to determine the actual cause.. Answer . My car does th (MORE)

What is wrong with a 1998 Dodge Neon front driver side tire that would make it wobble when you do over 30mph and the steering wheel is a little loose?

Answer . \nJack the car up at that corner, grap the wheel at 3 and 9 o'clock and move it back and forth. This sounds like a tie rod problem. Spin the wheel and check for a bulge in the tire such as a shifted belt.. Answer . \nmaybe the tire is warped. it will cause the tire and steering whe (MORE)

Why would a car wobble at low speeds not the steering wheel but the car?

A bent, loose or unbalanced wheel. And, if there is no shaking in the steering wheel, then it is most likely from one, or both, of the rear wheels. Irregularity or bulge in a tyre also causes car shaking. I've has this problem once, and it was because the engine mounts needed to be replaced.

How do you tighten the wobbling steering wheel in a 1978 Chevy pu?

If it has tilt steering, you must pull steering wheel, plate, and lift up turn signal switch to access three torx screws. Remove one at a time, apply locktite and tighten. Reverse procedure. If it is not a tilt wheel, then you may have a worn bearing or a loose center steering wheel nut. Must ins (MORE)

How do you replace the rack and pinion on a 2000 Ford Escort ZX2 the steering wheel wobbles?

I just did this and its not difficult if you can get the car up on a lift. If you'll be on your back in your garage it becomes a much more difficult job. Raise the vehicle the best you can and block the rear wheels and place jack stands firmly under the car. Remove both front wheels and unbolt yo (MORE)

How do you fix wobbly steering in a car?

Answer - fix wobbly steering . This could be many things, some serious some not.. First, check for serious issues such as any RECALLs or WARNINGS regarding the steering column, etc, for your van!!! Other serious issues could be linkage, suspension, wheel bearings, etcetera. You'll need to have (MORE)

What are the reasons of wheel wobbling?

Answer . Does the wobble occur at all speeds or just low or just high speeds? Is it a front wobble or rear or both? Does it occur all the time or just intermittantly? The problems could be with steering neck bearings, wheel bearings, out of true rims, a bad spot in the tire or an out of balance (MORE)

What causes a rear wheel to wobble?

Check that your tire doesn't have a broken belt or a bulge. Then check your wheel balance. If the tire is okay and it is balanced, check your axle an axle bearings. If it is IRS check all bushes, rubbers, and control arms.

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What is wobbling?

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Why would a car wobble at low speeds not the car but the steering wheel?

Answer Check the tread on your tyres and if they are worn on only one side your car needs a wheel alignment. I had the same problem with a shaky wheel and after getting new tyres (i needed them) and a wheel alignment the car wheel never shuddered again. I was told I must hit the curb a lot

What is wobble?

Wobble is an unsteady movement from side to side. The cause of awobble on a car could mean it needs a front end alignment or even abad tire.

Your car worked fine okay until you had a flat and your mom put on a tire for you and now it shakes really bad and sounds wobbly you cant go over 50 mph without it vibrating your whole steering wheel?

See if you have a man friend who can take it off and put it back on. Your mom probably wasn't strong enough to tighten all of the lugs or the tire might have been put on slightly crooked.. Answer By Takamo: . If your Mom put on the tire herself, chances are, the lugnuts aren't tight enough and the (MORE)

Why Steering wobbles at high speed?

The most likely reason is an unbalanced wheel on the front. There can be other causes such as worn ball joints or tie rod ends. I would recommend first having your front wheels balanced to see if that cures the problem, it's cheap to do.

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Chevy steering wheel wobbles?

Need to check the balanceing of the front tires. Then check the tie-rods for play. THE FRONT TIRES COULD HAVE A BELT BROKEN.

Why does A wheel that wobbles?

Check the tire for a broken belt. ( BAD TIRE ) The wheel itself is bent. ( REPLACE WHEEL ) The tie-rod is loose are ready to come apart. The lug nuts are loose, That's what holds the wheel on. Could be something between the wheel and hub. Wheel bearing-- bearings are trash are loose.

Why does the steering wheel wobble at low speeds?

The problem could be caused by several things. Check the front endfor worn ball joints or tie rod ends. Check the wheel bearings,front brakes, and make sure that the front tires are balanced andthe lug nuts are tight.

Why does the steering wheel wobble slightly at any speed?

If you're getting steering wheel movement at low speed it's usually caused by either a bent wheel, a damaged or bent CV joint/half shaft or a bad tire. If it's the tire or the CV joint you need to take care of it immediately before something bad happens. If it's a bent wheel, that's an annoyance t (MORE)

What causes under 20 mph side to side sway when the steering wheel is not wobbling?

What you're describing is typically caused by either a bent wheel or a "slipped belt" on one or more tires. Often a radial tire belt can become detached from the radial plies, allowing the belt to slip to one side. When that occurs you'll frequently hear a squeaking or crunching sound from the tir (MORE)

How do you fix a wobbly bike wheel?

pull the tire back. the chain should be tight. tighten up the bolts, have someone wls do that for you, but you keep holding that tire and pull on it. there. fixed With a spoke wrench and some practice you can straighten a wobbly rim by adjusting the tension on the spokes but it does take practice (MORE)

What causes a Dodge Caravan to wobble until it gets to 40 mph?

My Dodge Caravan 2003, ( 45,000 miles),also l have this problem, little different is , when the speed go to 0 , and after 4 sec, it begin shake, or load idle (like turn on air condition), I change the spark plug, wire, clean air damper, same . first time clean air damper, seems better, before, when (MORE)

Why does steering wheel wobble not car but steering wheel when wheels are straight?

The steering joints and connections are worn and need replacing Actually, the most likely problem is the tires. They may just need balancing. Sometimes the belts in the tires separate which causes a wobble. high/low spots in tires also causes a wobble. A bent rim can cause a wobble. Excessive nega (MORE)

Wobbling sound when you go faster than 40 mph?

If your car makes a wobbling sound at more than 40 mph, the first suspect is a wheel which is unbalanced. Confirmatory signs are that your steering wheel jiggles in your hands, and if you increase speed to about 60 mph wobbling and jiggling stop. Almost any tire retailer can fix this in 15 minutes. (MORE)

Why would car wobble but not steering wheel?

More than likely your tires need balanced. or you have a cord busted in a tire. Bent rim could cause it, or sometimes even just some mud caked to the back of a rim could throw it out of balance