01 Dodge Neon manual transmission wont shift into reverse What causes this and how to fix?

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It is most likely the shift cable bushings. The dealership only sells the cable assembly which is a little over $200. You can by stiffer, more durable urathane bushings for around $20 from JcWhitney. They are really easy to install.
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How do you fix a 1989 cutlass supreme with a manual transmission that suddenly won't shift into fifth or reverse?

Generally, 5th and reverse are one above the other (same shift fork) so it likely internal trans problem. Sorry Dan the tranny man Yeah, like Dan said. If you have two gears close to each other go out, you may have had internal damage to the tranny, perhaps a bearing shell out and the pieces either (MORE)

What kind of transmission fluid goes into a manual 1995 Dodge Neon?

Answer . \n2.8.6 Q: What kind of fluid should I use in the manual transmission? \nA: "Just make sure you use the A578-specific semi-synthetic fluid (p/n 4773167) that's available at the dealer. It is specifically matched to the synchronizer material for good shifting, and has special fricti (MORE)

Is it possible to change an automatic transmission to a manual transmission on a 2004 Dodge Neon SXT?

It is very possible. for information on this go to www.neons.org and www.2gn.org and search around the forums. you will find plenty of information about this. many people have done it. Answer There are usually four, and sometimes five, differences between a car with a manual and a car with an au (MORE)

Why your dodge neon sometimes does not shift out?

I am not a mech. but I own a 2002 dodge neon sxt 142,000 mi on it and have had all the regular problems with the transmision.If you have an auto trans, and it is stuck in 1st or 2nd gear here is a link that might help there are 13 parts to the video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=46VeVdRdkpc&playne (MORE)

Dodge neon automatic transmission doesn't shift cold or hot?

\nAutomatic trans. on Neons used to have problems with the solenoid packs sticking. Check to see if you have a transmission controller code. If it has a code for L/R solenoid stuck in L or R poistion, put a solenoid pack in it. It might just be that the trans needs to be overhauled.

Mercury cougar transmission wont shift into reverse?

Answer . It's probably the valve body or the clutch packs. It doesn't really mattter since either way you'll be buying or rebuilding a transmission. . -Redbeard . --- . Are u using manual or automatic transmission? Make sure if it's a manual, that you are pulling up on the spring for the re (MORE)

My manual transmission is stuck in reverse on my 1990 Mazda rx7 how do i fix it?

Hmm same thing happend to me on my rx7, the first thing you have to do is try pressing down upon the gear lever and moving it out of reverse, if this process seems to do absolutely nothing for you then remove the transmission or remove the driveshaft and tow it to a shop. DO NOT TOW IN GEAR or you w (MORE)

1998 dodge neon manual transmission fluid type?

\nRoyal Purple Synchromesh has been successfully used by many in both racing and street applications. \n. \nOther than RP, the Mopar OEM replacement fluid is regarded as the best to use. Other places will tell you ATF +4, DO NOT use ATF +4, it does not contain the proper additives to keep the trans (MORE)

Why won't my 1998 automatic transmission dodge neon shift into third gear?

Automatic transmissions work on a combination of fluid pressuresand electronic signals. Make sure the fluid level is proper, anddoes not smell burnt. Burnt fluid can be a signal that discs areslipping in the transmission. Also check to see that the linkage istight and set properly. An unadjusted lin (MORE)

What would cause a 1994 Saab 900 manual transmission not to shift into 2-4-reverse The linkage is adjusted to the end of the shaft what is the fix?

It >might< be a stretched clutch linkage cable, that is causing your clutch to not disengage even with the pedal pushed all the way down.. My 95 had this condition, I don't know how many years SAAB used a clutch cable that had no adjustments in it.. If this is what it is, the trouble probably came (MORE)

1996 dodge neon It wont shift to 2nd 4th or reverse?

Is it an automatic? Time for a new transmission.... If a stick and 1st, 3rd, 5th are ok, then you have a possible shift cable problem. You should be able to see them on top of the trans. If everthing is moving properly the trans has an internal problem.

Why an automatic transmission wont shift into reverse?

First check the fluid level, if its low add some asap! If the fluid level is fine, look at the fluid is it dark or burnt smelling, feel it does it have metal shavings in it? It may be worth your while to get a transmission filter change and a flush out of the system. Flushing is different that ju (MORE)

Why wont the transmission shift on a 1991 dodge dynasty?

There are many things that could cause this. If it shifts hard orsometimes but not others you can try replacing the fluid andfilter. Make sure to replace the filter as some places will onlyreplace the fluid and not the filter. If it is in second gear only, the transmission computer hasdetected a mal (MORE)

Will a dodge neon 2000 manual transmission fit in a 2000 Plymouth neon?

yes, they are the exact same car. the only difference are the names dodge and plymouth, which are both owned by chrysler. LMAO, WAS THIS A SERIOUS QUESTION? Depending on your VIN number, they are NOT the exact same. I, for one, have a 2000 PLYMOUTH, and the CLUTCH is VERY different than a dodge. (MORE)

Is there a shift kit or manual valve body made for a automatic transmission on a 1997 dodge neon?


Why does transmission rattle in a manual neon?

When you push in the clutch if it rattles that is not the transmission but the clutch throw-out bearing. not necesarily the throw out bearing it could also be bad springs or fingers on clutch pressure plate could be cracked or loose fly wheel or could be one or more bad bearings in the gearbox