00 Toyota 4runner no headlights daytime running light work fuses good new switch new main relay not receiving ground to activate manually pull back switch high beam works any ideas?

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WOW! That's weird. But then this is electricity and its weird by nature. Yet it also has rules and the thing I get most is that the simplest answer is usually the best answer. You have a connection that either burned came loose OR a wire has broken or been cut. Question is where is it, the connector or the wire?
The fact that the lights come on when you pull back the lever means you have everything necessary for the system except a path with the switch on. Check the connections to the switch and the lights and ensure they are on then look for a loose connector somewhere, probably by the feet or in the engine. Mine was behind the glove box. Move them around with the lights on and see if anything happens.
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What could be the cause of the low beam lights not working when switching from high beam?

The simple answer may be that the low beam side is burnt out. Replace the bulb. However, if both headlights have stopped working when switching to low beams, there may be a problem with the relay or the switch itself. If the cost of a relay is low for your car, it may be less expensive to simply (MORE)

What is wrong if a 1999 Prism daylight running lights work but headlights go out when the dash lights come on; column switch will not turn the headlights on and high beams don't work at all?

A) Check your fuses.B) If theyre all ok(look in the owners manual to see wich ones to check)theres a wireing problem. If that's the case youll have to take it to someone to fix it.C) You could also check your batery to see if it has enough life in it to handle to juise it takes to run those things. (MORE)

1997 Pontiac sunfire lowbeams do not work The running lights work and aslso the high beams but lowbeams do not work any ideas?

Check the dimmer switch, connectors and if there is a solenoid, check it too.. i have recently bought a 97 sunfire in which the dims and one high beam did not work, nor the running lights...after some troubleshooting i started ripping apart the wiring for the lights and found that where the wires w (MORE)

Is the daytime running light bulb same bulb as the low beam bulb on 98 Chevy Cavalier because the daytime running lights work but low beams don't when the switch is turned on High beams work also?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nOn my 97 Chevy Cavalier the daytime runnings lights are the Hi beams (brights). Have you replaced any of the bulbs?\n. \n. \n Answer \nYes, same bulb. This means your headlight wires are corroded and BOTH headlights lost the ground, so the circuit is open. The (MORE)

Why do my 92 Chev van dash lights and running lights NOT work when the fuses and bulbs are good and brake and headlights work and replaced headlight switch cleaned all grounds and still nothing?

Answer . If you don't have a volt meter, you'll need one. Check the dash light and/or running light voltage at the switch. Make sure you have voltage THERE. If not, backtrack and see if there is voltage INTO that part of the switch. Dashboard and running lights usually have a different input and (MORE)

1988 Toyota pickup with no low beams and only High beams when the switch is pulled forward Also the high beam indicator is always on when turning the headlights on yet no lights are actualy on How can?

Answer . \nI finally figured out this problem and found that this problem also occurs in some newer Models (early 1990s). The problem is an open ground coming from the wiring connector found under the stearing column. The way to troubleshoot this problem is to: Physically look at the wires on the (MORE)

What if 2000 Lexus ES300 High beams not working checked bulbs high beam stalk switch possibly a relay where is the relay?

I have the HID headlights for low beam and the halogen lights for high beams. The halogen lights also serve as daytime running lights. I noticed one day that the running lights weren't working and the high beams weren't either. I traced the problem to the light bulb socket--seemed one of the connect (MORE)

What causes the tail light and brake lights not to work on a 1991 Toyota Celica when the fuses and relays and dimmer and light switches have been changed and the wiring and bulbs are good?

Nonfunctional Brake Lights . When the fuses, relays, dimmer switch, and the light switches have been changed, and the brake lights STILL fail to work means you "missed" something. . All lighting basics are simple: . A battery to supply electrical energy [with a proper ground connection]. . A "h (MORE)

Where is DRL Relay located on a 99 Chevy Suburban Daytime Running Lights on a 99 Suburban do not work Fuse is good switch on the parking brake is good and indicator light in dash stays on?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nThere are 2 fuse boxes/panels in a 99 suburban -- probably the same in other years as well -- one at the end of the dash on driver's side and one in engine compartment driver's side near the firewall. According to my manual, the DRL Relay is fuse number 15 at the end (MORE)

Any idea how to troubleshoot faulty daytime running lights on a 1999 Chevy Suburban 4x4 that has a good DRL fuse and dash light along with working low and high beams?

This may sound funny, but make sure the parking brake is completely released Answer The daytime running lights have a fuse, relay, control module, and a diode. The last three are located under the left side of the instrument panel. They will all need to be checked. You may also have a short o (MORE)

90 Dodge Caravan high and low beam headlights quit working There is no headlight fuse Headlamps come on when you hold the highlow beam switch full back Switch feels normal Bad relay What?

Answer . \nupdate: all of the sudden the lights started working. Hmmmm, guess that proves it's a bad relay or loose connection someplace. Sucks though because I can't isolate the problem if it's not happening. (don't you just hate electrical problems) Guess I'll replace the relay, clean/check th (MORE)

My Auto headlight quite working when i released my parking brake the daytime running lights came on at sunset it switch to the headlight by itself now have to turn headlights on manually?

theres a fuse under the hood in the fuse box theres a relay (its small rectangled gray) labled athdl or similar... meaning autoheadlamp replace it... PS if you want your daytime driving lights to quit working just pull the dlr relay and put it in the autoheadlamp hole.... this will not hurt your veh (MORE)

What can be checked that has caused the low beams even with newly replaced bulbs working on daytime running light voltage on low beam but fine on high beam ground fuses and sockets fine?

You can check the ground in the wiring if nothing else works. However, it would also be a good idea to see if you are just making a simple mistake. Sometimes the light-on switch is separate from the hi-beam/lo-beam switch; try pulling back on the turn signal lever while the light is on. It should sw (MORE)

96 Dakota and for some reason the dash lights no longer illuminate They worked fine and now when you pull the switch on the turn signal indicators and high beam illuminated instead Any idea?

First, have you checked to make sure all your bulbs are working? If they are, I know this sounds strange, but try hitting the dash light console with the side of your hand. This happened to my 96 Dakota a couple of years ago. I took it to 2 mechanics to find what I assume is a short but neither one (MORE)

Why do the running lights not work on 98 wrangler aLL FUSES AND SWITCH IS GOOD?

Answer . Hey , I finally got this problem solved. I had to go through every componet from the battery to the switch. I found that the fuse block (Behind the glove box) did not have battery power supply to three fuses. While checking every inch of the Red wire / black tracer I found it had power l (MORE)

What would cause low beam headlights not work when all other lights work including high beams and fuses are all good on a 2005 Chevy trailblazer?

If the bulbs have been replaced with new ones and they still don't work then check the harness that connects to the bulbs. They have failed in the past. OR It's probably the Headlamp Relay. Its GM part number #15016745. Its a bit hard to find at most parts houses but most GM parts shops have th (MORE)

1995 Volvo 940 low beam headlights do not come on. High beams work fine. Fuses are good. Bulbs are good. Is there a relay i should look at?

I had the same problem behind your stereo there is a yellow wire whit a yellow-white wire they have to touch each other otherwise the low beams wont work.. i hope this wil work... Relay K behind the ash tray. Check the socket also. . Al This is the answer! We burned out the yellow white wire to t (MORE)

Why do the low beams on ford interceptor go out but high beams work if you pull back on dimmer switch. fuses are okay. is there a relay or module and where is it located?

I am going to assume that you have already checked for bad bulbs or blown fuses. The multifunction switch is probably bad. Remove the lock cylinder and three screws to remove the plastic shroud from the steering column. Next, remove two screws holding switch to the column. Use a small flat-blad (MORE)

On 1989 Toyota Celica GT why won't high beams stay on when switched low beams work but they do work when pulling lever and holding it?

Your multi-switch is worn out.. There are lockout points which are needed to keep the positions. Occasionally you can take these apart and figure out a way to fix them. I had the turn signal part of the switch refuse to lock into place when turning left. I opened it up and examined it and realized (MORE)

Working on a 2002 Pontiac sunfire the daytime running lights will not work only the high beams Checked all fuses and bulbs?

Ok the DRLs don't work and what about the Low beams. Basically I had a similar problem that appears to be common on sunfires ranging from 98-04. The problem is in the head light wiring harness and there is a short some where in the harness that prevents power from being supplied to you lights. The (MORE)

1994 Camry that only has 1 headlight working Both high beams work but only 1 low beam I have replaced the light switch and the light dimmer relay and still no luck Is this a ground issue?

This is probably not a ground issue because if the ground were open then neither high or low beam would work on that particular light and if it were shorted then you would blow the fuse when you attempted to use the high beam. OK, first off for the obvious, have you tried replacing the light bulb (MORE)

Why my 74 sp beetle brake light don't work fuse is good and switch is new?

Nonfunctional Brake Lights . Something is keeping electrical power from getting to the brake lights or from the lights back to the negative terminal on the battery. In other words, there is an "open" condition in the circuit. . There could be many causes: . The new switch has not been properly a (MORE)