00 Neon 4cy Why an initial quick hesitation from standing idle but then runs fine after putting in new plugs oil and filter air filter plug wires sprayed throttle cleaner and used injector cleaner?

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Definately try Answering my own question. Repleace with original Champion RC9YC plugs, do not upgrade to platimum. Car immediately ran great and initial hesitation was "gone".
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Your 1989 Honda Prelude SI FI will spit and sputter and shut off after running a while you changed plugs and wires and fuel filter and used FI cleaner and now it backfires can you please help?

Answer . If it's backfiring after changing plugs and wires you probably cross-connected a couple of the plug wires. You will need to put the plug wires into the right distributor socket. To do that, find the firing order and use a little deductive logic.. Answer . didn't cross wires, did wire (MORE)

1989 Honda prelude si fi is sputtering and chokes down and backfires new plugs and plug wires and fuel filter replaced fuel pump does hum when ignition is turned car runs fine for 15-20 mins help?

\n. \n Answer 1 \n. \n. \nsee question above. Sounds like what mine was doing, replace the distributor cap & rotor.\n. \n. \n Answer 2 \nI'm not certain at all, but I've been doing some research. Does your PGM-FI indicator light up on your dash board after a few minutes of driving? I (MORE)

After replacing head fuel injector plugs wires and fuel filter the motor skips when idle any ideas garage is scratching there heads?

What is the make/model/year/engine size, how many miles on engine, how long has the car had this problem, and has it been sitting for any extended period of time? Also, did they completely replace ALL fuel injectors, and have they changed any/all the spark plugs too? Please answer all these question (MORE)

99 grand prix gt multiple misfires new plugs wires fuel filter had injecters cleaned coil tested injector wires checked with noid light still runs ruff under load?

Answer . Your spark plugs are leaking spark to ground. I had this problem on my 1999 Grand Prix, also after replacing plugs and wires. I read on one of the GP websites to remove the heat shield that your spark plug rubber boot slides into. AND, I put some dielectric grease on the tip and ceramic (MORE)

Your 1989 Chevy truck 2500 V8 5.7 engine has lost a lot of horsepower you've already changed the spark plugs dist cap rotor air filter put in fuel cleaner Fuel filter is also new What can you do next?

Make sure the catalitic converter is not plugging. They are usually good for about 100000 miles.. Replace the oxygen sensor. It's on the exhaust on the passenger side. There will be 1 wire going to it. It's a black wire. Make sure you soak it good with a liquid wrench or something. The threads are (MORE)

Engine starts then runs rough when cold for 5 seconds then fine Only when vehicle has been parked for 5 or more hours changed plugs fuel filter PCV air filter and cleaned throttle body Any suggestions?

Answer . Hmm, if it only runs rough for 5 seconds, I doubt a coolant temperature sensor could do it. Any codes stored?\n. \nActually, I'm thinking you may have one or more injector leaking. Do you notice a puff of black smoke upon startup? Were the plugs carboned up at all? Does it take a littl (MORE)

Why is a 1992 Colt 200E still stalling after the distributor cap rotor fuel filter air filter plugs plug wires changed throttle body cleaned and the fuel injectors have been purged?

Answer . I have to answer this myself. I had a diagnostic test at a Dodge dealership. It took them a long time to find the fault, but it was in the distributor itself. Rather than pay 800 dollars, I got an auto wrecker employee to get a used distributor and he replaced it for only 120 dollars in (MORE)

You have changed the distro cap wires spark plugs air filter oil filter but your check engine is on what is wrong with this 1997 Ford Aspire?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nThe check engine light is there to tell you when the computer has stored a diagnostic code. Use a code scanner to read the code and find out what's wrong.\n. \nWe have a 94 and 96 Ford Aspire. The check engine light stays on most of the time. At inspection time, we take (MORE)

What is the cause of missing and hesitation while engine is idle after I have bought a new distributorchanged spark plugs and wires and one of the fuel injectors for a 97 Nissan Altima?

Check fuel pressure. It may be low. If it is, you need to check the fuel pump, pressure regulator and fuel filter. Could also be that the throttle body needs to be cleaned I have a 1997 Nissan Altima and I had some of the same problems. The problem I had was that the inlet manifold had a leak around (MORE)

Why does my 95 Honda accord hesitate TO Start and stalls when you press the gas fuel filter air filter spark pluGs wires have been changed and added FUEL CLEANER?

Answer . You may have a throttle position sensor going out or possibly the fuel pump. Get some throttle body cleaner and clean the throttle body inside to make sure the throttle blade inside the body is not hanging up and then get a fuel pressure gauge and connect it to the fuel raila nd see wh (MORE)

Your 1999 Mercury Tracer runs fine during driving and when accelerating but idles rough Changed fuel and pcv filters and plugs-wires Need help?

Answer . Every so often I have to clean out the throttle body of gunk from the recirculated gases that get fed into the intake. I'd start there. You may find while cleaning it that your idle air valve is gunked up too. That's the valve that allows a certain amount of air past the throttle bod (MORE)

95 ford escort the thing started sputering not wanting to run you have changed the plugs air cleaner fuel filter oil oil filter what else should you be looking at help?

Answer . if you have checked the plugs air filter fuel filter oil and oil filter the next thing that you should look at probably should be the injectors they could be clogged with "gunk" from low grade or low quality gas the gas quality is lower in the winter than in the summer even if it is a c (MORE)

Why would a Kx250 start and idle but when you throttle it up it cuts out you have checked all your connections and wiring you have cleaned the filter changed the plug and the carburetor?

Answer . What exactly is it that you did to the carb? Cleaned it or changed it? If you cleaned it, take it apart and clean it again, really really clean it, check and adjust (if needed) the float valve, check for debris in float bowl. Check and recheck to ensure that the carb is reassembled cor (MORE)

How do vacuum cleaners use water to filter air?

There's a sealed tank that's about half full of water, half full of air. At the top of the tank there is a hole going to the vacuum moter, and a tube going to the bottom of the water on one end, and to whatever is sucking off of your floor on the other.. The motor pulls the air out of the top, drop (MORE)

1996 Doge Intrepid has been sitting for 2years you changed the spark plugs oil and the air filter It turns over but dosnt seem to be getting gas. you spray quick start on thats when it tries to start.?

if you still have th car i had a 1994 that sat for 4 year and got it to crank up i did all you said above and then you have to test the fuel pressure valve going to the fuel rail after you try to crank it a couple of times if no gas comes out then check you fuel pump fuse then you fuel pump if gas c (MORE)

2001 neon runs rough at idle runs fine at any speed Changed plugs and added fuel system cleaner Any suggestions?

I would suggest you remove the air cleaner element and with a tooth brush and Carb cleaner clean the throttle body hold the flap open with a screw driver or something. the upper part is likely the most important. If That dose not work to your satisfaction you might try and remove carefully witho (MORE)

1998 ford escort running with a miss in it put new plug and plug wires on it and a new fuel filter Still has the same problem?

Is it a very regular single cylinder misfire? Are the new wires properly installed? Do you have spark voltage to the plugs? If no spark, check the ignition coilpack. If spark is good, check for leaking intake manifold gasket. Spray a bit of carburetor cleaner along where the intake manifold mates (MORE)

Why would a 94 Pontiac sunbird have rouch idle when stopping only after new spark plug wires and plugsPCV valve air filter and oil change?

You may have a vacum leak. Check your hoses on the manifold and anywhere else you find rubber hoses and look for cracks, or disconnected lines. Here's a neat trick, spray wd40 around the base of the throttle body and intake manifold. If it trys to run better then you've got a vacum leak in the area (MORE)

1992 ford ranger 2.3L has a miss in the motor and has little power on hills have replaced fuel pump filter and air cleaner I have unhooked the left side plug wires and it runs the same any ideas?

The 92 is underpowered at 100 HP. One idea to restore some of the lost power is to completely clean the air-intake system down to the intake manifold. Clean from the throttle body and keep going towards the motor. There may be a lot of gunk present (it makes the intake system less efficient). A gask (MORE)

9.9 mercury outboard that runs like it is idling even at full throttle Plugs gas filters and lines have been changed Suggestions?

first. is the throttle valve moving open? you can see it with a light when the choke is open. it's the round disk near the back of the carb in the hole behind the plastic screen. these engines use a plastic lever on top of the carb to activate the throttle. sometimes they slip on the shaft or break (MORE)

When do you change the engine air cleaner filter?

At the very least, every 12,000 miles. If you drive in constant dusty conditions, the interval between changing this filter becomes smaller. A clogged air filter only chokes the engine from getting the proper amount of air for proper combustion. Imaging trying to draw air through a straw that has th (MORE)

Why does your 1994 Mercury Topaz sputter at initial idle but run good after speed up I changed plugs and rotor and am going to change injectors next i also changed fuel filter?

I have a 94 Mercury Topaz that recently was exhibiting that symptom, but it didn't start until after a mechanic replaced my fuel pump. Apparently he installed a universal pump and may have damaged it upon installation. I put up with that for about 6 months until the car also started dying on hot d (MORE)

I changed the fuel filter on my 1992 ford explorer its still running rough likes its missfiring. could it be dirty injectors or needing new plugs and wires?

Drive or go to a place that is PITCH dark. open the hood and start the truck. check the spark plug wires and around the spark plugs. If you see ANY lights, sparks or glow from any of the wires, then you need to change the spark plug WIRES and maybe the spark plugs. If you have a real bad leak of cur (MORE)

What can cause a 1990 model Chevy 350 5.7L engine to be sluggish or lack power when you have changed the fuel filter plugs and wires used injector cleaner changed PCV valves air filters and exhaust?

I would first check the fuel pressure with a pressure gauge. You should have no less then 9 LBS. And no more then 13 LBS. If it's lower are higher then it will cause starting and are running problems. The timing chain and gears could also be worn out. Check these things out first,and if you still ha (MORE)

Why would a 87 Toyota corolla run fine in park and neutral but stall in drive and reverse and Also changed fuel filter and plugs and air filter and oil and filter and PVC?

First of all, does this happen ALL the time? Or only when you are fighting with your significant other? My ex used to work for a car dealership, and when ever she and her (former) ex were fighting, she would "disable" his car with a little dirty mechanics trick: she would open the hood of the car, ( (MORE)

Where can one find a cleaner for an air filter?

Many different shops sell cleaners for air filters. Online shops such as Amazon sell various types for around ¥£10. Additionally, car accessories shops, such as Halfords, sell them too.