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The 2.2 engine in these car's are known as the Z22SE by Vauxhall. It's 2198cc, DOHC, 16v, Normally aspirated engine mated to a front wheel drive transmission. Which produces 144bhp@5800rpm and 149lbf of torque@4000rpm.
Which gives a 0-60 time off 8.2 seconds and a top speed off 133mph and first went on sale in Astra SRI trim in 2000.
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Can you change the diff cover on a vauxhall vectra sri 1998 without changing gearbox?

The lower gearbox oil pan can be changed easily as it is directly accessable.If it is the end cover you wish to replace,then the gearbox has to be lowered.The mountings differ whether petrol or diesel and boxes vary too.Support the gearbox on a jack,remove mounting bolts until the box can be lowered (MORE)

What does sri in vectra sri mean?

Super Rally injection Here a 4 point injection system is used as opposed to the mono point injection used on some other cars. The SRi designation also includes trim level, i.e. recaro style half racing bucket seats,elec windows etc.

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How do you replace timing belt on 1.9 vectra?

To replace a timing belt on a 1.9 Vectra, disconnect battery cableand disconnect the alternator belt. Remove steering pump,alternator, and AC compressor. Remove distributor cap, bolts andscrews on the timing belt. Finally, remove old timing belt andreplace with new.Ê

How do you change the timing belt on a 96 Opel vectra b?

With great difficulty my friend.. If your mechanically minded and patient then you could do quiet well if you follow my steps as i did mine today. . Jack up the car on driver side, take off wheel and use secondary jack or something in case one fails.just been a bit safer. . Engine mount/support (MORE)

What does VVT in vectra sri mean?

Variable Valve Timing.. This means the valve timing self adjusts to set the optimum time they open and shut to maximise engine fuel/power efficiency.

How do you set valve timing on 1991 Vauxhall Vectra 2.0?

on petrol ecotec engines two liter vectra b , its marks on top of valve cover above camgears, aligned with marks on the timegears, also other mark on the gears align where the gears come close to each other, and a mark on the crankshaft pulley for the serpentine and timing belt behind thepulley, ali (MORE)

Is it possible to turn off the traction control in your vauxhall vectra 2.2 sri?

Hi there I had the same problem traction control kept kicking in on my 2.6 v6 sri vectra b when i really could have done without it in the snow. I overcome this by taking No. 35 (10amp fuse) out from under the steering wheel. This made a lot of difference as I managed to get my car home where as I c (MORE)

What does the TM button in vauxhall vectra sri v6 do?

I have a Vectra and it has a TM button on the centre unit below the AC button. It it used to start the Traffic Master. The Traffic Master is a subcription paid Traffic alarm system. The signals are reported to your vehicle when you pass certain senders on traffic hotspots and motorways, where traffi (MORE)

How to Bleed clutch vectra b 2.6v6 sri?

i had a similar problem...my mechanic used a piece of hose which he linked to the front brake caliper nipple and the other to the nipple on the gearbox...pumped the brakes gently a few times then pumped the clutch pedal slowly...this brought my clutch bake again..cdx 2000 model...cost me 20 quid

Vauxhall vectra 2 liter sri stalls under heavy breaking?

Tough as old boots, too. Has taken all the minicab abuse I've thrwon at it in its stride. My one is a bit rough round the edges but hasn't just BROKEN like some Peugeot.The 6th forward gear is a god send bringing the revs down to just under 2,000 @ 70mph, and keeps the MPG nice at 55-60 on the motor (MORE)

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Where is the chassis no on an x reg vectra sri?

On the Dashboard on the Left hand side. And On a sticker on the B post near the door latch or under the bonnet on a metal plate on the slam panel to the left of the bonnet lock (as you look at it). SO you know what to look for it will Start WOLOJBF (WOL means Vauxhall/Opal and JBF means Vectr (MORE)

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How do you put out service light on vauxhall vectra 2.2 sri 03 vectra C model?

Switch engine OFF. Ensure instrument panel displays recorder reading. Press and hold button A ( 26940 ) mileage reset button. Switch ignition on. Keep button A depressed for at least 10 seconds unroll service indicator shows appropriate service interval and the message " insp " displays for 2 second (MORE)

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Is there a timing belt on a 3.0 v6 cdti vectra?

Yes there is a cam belt, and aux belt on this engine. If your handywith spanners can get the am belt kit for about £140 notes. And auxbelt is about £15 quid depends if you need tensioner then chepestabout £35 quid. £200 all in and a nice sunny day tinkering underthe bonnet :)

Where can I buy a Vectra Sri in the UK?

You can buy a Vectra Sri at different dealerships across the United Kingdom. There also are private owner sales you can find through the local newspapers, ads, online basically any place.