0-60 mph for a VW beetle?

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About 7.4 for TurboS with 180hp and 8.5 for a Turbo with 150hp.
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How many RPM's should a 2000 vw beetle be showing at 70 mph?

Answer . I don't know how many it "should" be turning, but my 2001 Turbo Beetle turns about 3,100-3,200 rpm at 70 mph, assuming of course that it is in fifth gear.\n. \n.

What is the best year for the VW Beetle?

I have owned several beetles starting in my teens. My preference is for Type 1 VW's, known as regular or standard Beetles - not the Super Beetle as mentioned before. The Super

Your 2000 VW beetle does not start?

Does it cranks?...What was the last thing that was done to it and what its doing now?...When was the last tune-up or relay chk/change?....First see if starter is making contac
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How many VW beetles are there in Mexico?

A couple of million. These are some of the least expensive, most reliable vehicles in the world. As such, several of them are still circulating in the streets of Mexico.
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Why doesnt a VW beetle have a radeateor?

It has an air cooled engine. Early beetles (original - not new beetles) are air cooled - they have a large fan, big cooling fins on the cylinders and a ducting system ("tin" t