0-60 in 2009 Jeep Srt8?

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Which car is faster the 2009 shelby gt500 or the 2009 charger srt8?

The gt500 does 0-60 in 4.5 secs the srt8 does it in 4.9. In the quarter mile the gt500 does it in the high 12's where the charger takes mid 13's. Despite having a live rear ax
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How can you get your mom to get you a Jeep SRT8?

Age: 17 Gender: Male I currently have a car: 2008 Honda Crv Ex-L I'm trying to get a used 2008-2009 Jeep I have an A average. Money Isn't a Problem (Not trying to so
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What kind of car is Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8?

The Grand Cherokee SRT8 is one of the fastest Jeep's that were build. His maximum speed is more then 155 mph. The Grand Cherokee SRT8 has a 6,1 l V8 engine.