0-60 for a 383 stroked 95 z28 camaro?

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3 to 12 seconds depending on power.
383 indicates a fairly serious build but I have seen less than 300 hp and over 600 from this build.
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How much does a 95 Camaro z28 have?

Answer . if your talking about horsepower and torque this is what it has HP - *275@5200 (automatic or manual) Torque - 325@2400 (automatic or manual) *California D

How do you replace a distribitor on a 95 Camaro z28?

you need to check out some of the camaro forums that are out there they have lots of info on stuff like this stuff that I don't want to get into detail about cause it will be

Muffler best for a 95 z28 Camaro?

Different strokes for different folks. SLP, magna, Flowmaster all pretty good. I prefer Flowmasters with electric cutouts

Where is the temp sending unit on 95 Chevy z28 camaro?

on some models there are two of them in 93 there was just the one on the water pump but in 95 there was the one on the front of the water pump and one in the drivers side of t

Where is oil sending unit on 95 z28 camaro?

Oil level sending unit is located in the side of the oil pan. Oil pressure sending unit is located in 95 at the back of the intake really not fun to take off while engine i
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What is a fuse box for a 95 z28 Camaro?

if you meant where it is on the dash board side, driver side where the door meet the dash. must have door open to get to it.